Des’ Articles in Classic Sailor Magazine

Ever since Classic Sailor came out there has been a article by Des Pawson either on Tools or Knots in each issue

in #1 it was the Drehknuppel or ways to save your hand when tightening

In #2 Serving with a mallet or Board?

in#3 Palms Ancient & Modern

in#4 Heaving Mallets & Boards

in#5 Some Essential Knots  and the six knot challenge

in #6 Solo Serving

in #7 on Slip knots

in #8 The Swedish Fid

in #9  Matters of the Heart , hearts , bulls-eyes and and other pieces

New edition of Sailmakers Needle Monograph now out

New edition of Sailmakers Needle Monograph now out, see also monograph section under Books on the website

    • #3 Sailmaker’s Needles …………………………………………………………….£5.50
    • Des Pawson 2004/5/8/9/10/15 (47 pages 11 b/w 6 coloured    illustrations )
    • Covers the history of the sail needle, their sizes and types together with a very comprehensive list of makers names, there are 6  coloured pages showing some of the packaging used to sell sail needles

Footrope Knots Ropemaking at The Leigh On Sea Maritime Festival 2nd July 2015

Footrope Knots will be at The Leigh On Sea Maritime Festival on the 2nd of July 2015 with a display of ropemaking equipment and will be letting demonstrating  ropemaking all day, members of the public old and young will be able to make rope under our supervision. For more information on the festival see


Materials and ropework to get a boost

From January 22, 2012 Moray Macphail of Classic Marine in Woodbridge is taking on the cordage and tool supply part of Footrope Knots. We have known Moray for 20 years and he intends to expand and develop the range of tools and materials available.

This move will enable us to concentrating on knotting, ropemaking and research, writing, teaching and demonstrating. You are still welcome to contact us for help with any of your knotty, ropey problems, and we will continue to stock a range of specialist knotting books.