With over 50 years of experience, and a broad-reaching knowledge of the subject, Des Pawson is the author of a number of books on knotting, while his writing on the subject has also featured in a range of publications across the world including Classic Boat, Classic Sailor, The Boatman and Yachts and Yachting magazines. We stock these books and are  happy to sign them for you, contact for a quote on postage .

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Also See Monographs page for Yarns from the Ropeworks by David Ellwood.



Des Pawson’s Knot Craft & Rope Mats

176 pages 210mm x 210mm Paperback £18.99

Greatly expanded from Des Pawson’s Knot Craft, now with 60 projects.

Colour has been added to the diagrams to make them easier to follow. New diagrams By Tracy Saunders illustrations by Claudia Myatt and photos by Horst A Friedrichs. New projects include a Bracelet, a Swab more bellropes and fenders including   making an RNLI Bow Pudding plus lots of new Mat Designs including the making of Sennit Mats.

Handbook of Knots


Now the expanded edition. A full colour step by step guide to more than a 100 mainly practical knots with a few simple decorative knots thrown in as well as some basic splices. Des would have liked to add a lot more, but the publisher limited the book to 176 pages! £10.99 Just out of print , and I have sold out you may still find copies in stock at bookshops or online

Des Pawson’s Knot Craft


NEW 2nd edition now with 35 projects! A book of projects, key rings, bellropes, lanyards, fenders, mats, tips of the trade, etc gives amounts of materials as well as how the knots go together. Wonderful illustrations by Ann Norman. £10.99 Now updated to  Des Pawson’s Knot Craft & Rope Mats.