Footrope Knots Ropemaking at The Leigh On Sea Maritime Festival 2nd July 2015

Footrope Knots will be at The Leigh On Sea Maritime Festival on the 2nd of July 2015 with a display of ropemaking equipment and will be letting demonstrating  ropemaking all day, members of the public old and young will be able to make rope under our supervision. For more information on the festival see


New mat book and exhibition

SAILORS’ MATS – all you ever needed to know in one book
A new book on sailors’ mats has been published to coincide with a special mat exhibition in the Netherlands. Des explains: ‘This book, the fruit of over 15 years of research, is published to coincide with the exhibition “Scheepsmatten, oud touw en tijd bij de vleet”. (Ships mats, old rope and plenty of time) held at the The Nationaal Vlechtmuseum, Noordwolde (National Basket Museum), The Netherlands.’
With careful research, Des has assembled a 72-page book covering the history and background of mat making, together with hints, tips and ideas on various methods of making mats, from sewn and sennit mats, to mats with knitted panels, hitched ‘Appledore mats and mats with stitched yarns on canvas.

Sailors’ mats from yarns, strands and sennit
Des Pawson MBE
Museum of Knots and Sailor’s
Ropework Monograph #7
210mm x 150mm 72 pages
34 illustrations in black & white,52 illustrations full colour
Paperback Retail £12
Trade Terms avaiable

“Scheepsmatten, oud touw en tijd bij de vleet”
(Ships mats, old rope and plenty of time).
November 1 2009-February 28, 2010
The Nationaal Vlechtmuseum, (National Basket Museum),
Noordwolde, The Netherlands.
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