Des Pawson MBEDes Pawson

An expert in knot tying

Des Pawson is one of the world's leading authorities on knots and sailors' ropework. A researcher and historian on the subject, he is the author of many books and papers. Des also runs a successful business, Footrope Knots, with his wife Liz.

Des is available for talks and demonstrations, while Footrope Knots sells a wide variety of handmade knotted items, crafted by Des and Liz, as well as books for those wishing to create their own knotted items.

'Rope and knots are my life and have been since I was a boy. I make things in rope, I write about knots, I teach, talk and research knots and ropework. I collect books on knots and practical rope seamanship, old sailors' ropework, and the tools of the rope and canvas working trades. Rope inspires me.'

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